The 2nd All Japan Netball Spring Competition ! 第2回全日本ネットボール春季選手権大会

Hello everyone! This is Kara from Australia! (Sorry I don’t speak Japanese, that’s why I’m writing this in English)  I’ve been in the WLS team about 2 years now and it’s an awesome team! Come join us if you want to play netball! (Yes, this website is still alive haha)
Anyways! We had a 2nd All Japan Netball championship Spring competition in Sagami Women’s University (Kanagawa) on June 17th 2018! There were 6 women’s teams and 3 men’s teams from mainly Gunma and Tokyo. 
We won our first game against Kaiyo university with the score of 37-16 which put us in the Finals! The finals against the Anannka team was so intense! Both teams have really good players, strong defence and great agility !!! It was a close call! But WLS has won by 6 with the score of 26-20 which place us 1st place in this competition !!!! Winning the Netball Spring Comp 2 times in a row! I’m so happy to announce that we did it again! a row! Well done everyone !!!
Let’s win again next competition!
Next events will be:
1) Wheelchair Netball Competition (Gunma): July 28-29 9: 00-16: 00
2) WLS Summer Training Camp: August 11 – 12 2018 (Gunma)